The Salsa Girl is now living in New York. She’s trying very hard to keep up with the dancing and the living and the working but seems only to be able to handle two at a time. Watch this space for all manner of shenanigans as she continues to juggle.


My Short Salsa History

I toured with Salsa Caliente for two years performing at congresses in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Puerto Rico, and New York and spent the better part of a year working with the MamboSoul ladies based in Dublin. I love all sorts of dance from tango to swing but my real passion is for latin. Salsa (preferably On2), bachata, and chachacha lure me out of the house far too often, and have been known to inspire massive credit card purchases for congress tickets and flights.

I’ve done a smattering of teaching, and a decent bit of performing, and can never get enough. My present projects include: Cali-style salsa–if I ever conquer the basic I will be delighted; Kizomba–it’s probably time to stop avoiding the inevitable; and an everlasting obsession with all things technically perfect and precise.



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