In Which The Weather Vacillates Wildly

It’s been quite the spring. After endless snowstorms, windstorms, and generally frigid weather, we finally swung up into the 70s, just in time to dive straight back into a whole new storm complete with flash flood warnings. At the rate we’re going, we may never get to spring, but while we wait, let’s go back over the week shall we?

All the way back on Wednesday, I wrapped up a busy day at work before heading home via the discount Easter aisle. Yes, it was that wonderful time of year when Easter chocolate hits rock bottom prices and even the most nutritionally virtuous of us can’t help but cave. I mean, 70% off is pretty irresistible. Revived by the candy, I then put the kettle on for a spot of tea with Patrick. And yes, for those of you that are wondering, it was herbal tea. Yes, I’m still caffeine-free, and it’s getting easier everyday–or so I tell myself…

A few cups of tea later, we hopped a train and headed into Midtown for the most marvellous cheap and cheerful pre-dance dinner at Harmony Istanbul Grill. It’s my new favourite place to eat and it’s only about a block from dance, which is to say that it’s spectacularly dangerous. I could live off their pita and baba ganoush, not to mention all the other delicious things on offer. Post-pita, we popped up to westie to dance a while before we all caught our separate separate trains home to bed.

Thursday was another busy day at work from which I stepped out a touch early for a free skin cancer screening. NYU provides all manner of bits and bobs for its employees, and as the proud owner of entirely too many moles, I figured that his was a bit and bob that I ought to avail of. Apparently I’m in the clear for now, though after my weekend shenanigans, I might have to retract my proud proclamation of appropriate suncream usage. After the derm, it was off to the chiro, and then home to rest my sorry sleep self. I don’t know if I’m trying to do too much, or if I’m just getting old, but I seem to always be exhausted these days and I’d really rather not be.

And then after a relatively low key week, I had an even more boring Friday. Yes, after a very late night at work, I went home and did absolutely nothing exciting for a few hours before plopping unceremoniously into bed. But in my defence, the sleep was necessary because the next day was fieldwork and fieldwork began at 5:15am. Blessedly it was a beautiful day, getting up to 75 degrees, and I wore my face sun cream and long sleeved shirt even when it was terribly hot and the sun cream was dripping in my eyes, but clever beast that I am, I forgot about my hands and despite my diligence, even my face ended up several shades darker, though nothing compared to my oh so adorably sunburned hands.

It was quite the day. We laid out over 750 square meters of experiments ranging from masonry and tiles, to road markings, mannequins, roofing materials, and just about anything you could imagine finding on a building site or somewhere in a city. We got it all laid out in time for the second pass of the helicopter carrying the various data collection sensors and for a precious hour or so, we took a moment to rest, only occasionally leaping up to rescue boxes, fences, and mannequins being blown away by the gusts of wind. We were even visited by a little dust devil at one point, but the flyover was a success and the helicopter was headed back to the airport by about 4pm, which only left the final documentation and the clean up. 5 hours and a lot of heavy lifting later, we’d filled a dumpster with our debris, emptied most of the debris out of that dumpster and then filled the correct, not NYPD owned dumpster, and a 9′ cargo van with the things we were keeping for further research. From there, I bid the van, my boss, my coworker, and a carload of students adieu as they drove off to other parts of Brooklyn and I headed to the train. When I finally fell through my front door after 10pm, I realized that in that more than 16 hour long day I had consumed a sum total of one bowl of oatmeal and a donut. You’d be surprised how filling adrenaline, urgency, and determination can be.

On Sunday, I woke up a lot less sore than I thought I would, but far more exhausted than I would have imagined. I had grand ambitions of going to dance, but after doing my laundry and cleaning my room the only answer was sleep. I really did think about just pushing through, but my evening was to be composed of the final step of the field work which was to say emptying the cargo van and stowing all of our goodies away in the office storage room. Between my boss, my coworker, and I, we got everything out of the van and into the storage room in less than two hours and I went home tired, and a bit sore, but it was a good sore. Unlike the soreness that comes with desk work, this was the soreness that promises more strength and better alignment rather than being a symptom of misalignment and a sedentary lifestyle.

My poor sore, sunburned, newly callused, and splintered hands felt less good–but then you can’t win them all.

Today was my day to attempt to catch up on all the work that went undone while we were prepping for field work–yes, I was in the office today–but of course there is always more work than time and I left the office late again having still not completed nearly all the things I’d intended. It’s my very own sisyphysian torture I suppose. Either way, despite all my best intentions, yoga just wasn’t going to happen so I grabbed some dumplings from North Dumpling and stumbled my sleepy butt home to write. Oh and did I mention that it was fantastically stormy today? I got into the office before things got too exciting, but between the news and my friends I have a wide variety of exciting stories of flooding subways and showers of water pouring from the tunnel ceiling to drench commuters as they tried to step outside the train doors. So we’re still waiting for that magical season we’ve be promised. I think they call it spring?

Well and truly tired of winter,
The Salsa Girl


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