In Which Candle Burning Gets Dicey

So you might have noticed a theme over the last two blogs: I’ve been very VERY busy. This may come as a surprise, but my recent exercises in burning the candle at both ends have finally come back to bite me. I stumbled through the week and fell face first into the laziest Saturday imaginable. So let’s get to the stumble.

Wednesday saw me bounding out of work, through tutoring, and off into Midtown for the almighty Book of Mormon. It’s got great reviews and they are 100% not undeserved. It was SOOOO good. It’s joyous and crass and chaotic and beautiful and I loved it. If you get a chance to see it, please please do. Especially if you have a history with Mormons. After the show we bounded out into the night to grab some falafel on our way to dance. It was a busy but utterly spectacular evening!

The following day, I slogged through another day of work followed by a visit to the old crackle and pop shop. Once I was approximately aligned, I attempted to go for a date. It was a second date. I was sort of looking forward to some drinks and conversation. What I got instead was a basement funhouse of pool and ping pong and shuffleboard and loud insane amateur New York jazz. I was overstimulated, deafened, and not possessed of nearly enough energy to deal with that degree of “fun”. Yes, I’m a boring old creature, but I’d rather be comfy and in good company than losing my hearing and playing Exciting Games(tm). So I went hella New York on this poor bastard and called the date. 40 minutes in. Somehow it feels more honest that way? Pretty terrible but at least honest.

Friday greeted me with an impressive dose of chaos. I spent all morning prepping for our upcoming flyover only to spend all afternoon cancelling everything after our contractor informed us of a technical glitch. It was stimulating to say the least.

After all of that stimulation, I went home and fell face first into bed. After an hour long nap it was back into Midtown for another evening of food and friends. This time at BareBurger. I have an unhealthy fondness for BareBurger, especially since I discovered their delicious veggie burgers. This time I also made an acquaintance of their vegan shakes. Yes, I am trying to be good and save my stomach from my tastebuds by reducing my milk fat intake. Lactose is totally fine, but milk fats, not on your life! So I tried their coconut milk and avocado shake. It was even more delicious that I’d anticipated and priced accordingly. So it won’t be frequent but it will be an option for healthy, delicious fats that do not upset my tummy.

After our delicious dinner, we schlepped over a few blocks to dance. I was perhaps too tired to be there. I nonetheless stayed and had at least a few lovely dances, though when I finally got home, I collapsed unceremoniously into bed and passed out.

I slept until noon the next day. I definitely could have been productive, but I elected not to. Instead, I lounged about for most of the afternoon before venturing out in search of chocolate. I headed to my beloved Vosges with every intention of acquiring a fistful of delicious chocolate bars–Manhattan marching my way across Soho, down the sidewalks, right up the door to brown papered windows. Yes, my beloved Vosges is closed. Tears were shed. Apparently they still have outlets in Chicago, but the shipping is obscene and I am sulky because I wanted all the free samples and purple decor. Manhattan rent takes another victim.

As consolation, I drifted morosely across the city to the Essex St Market where I bought half a salmon quiche, half a pint of potato salad, and a slice of smoked, peppered mackerel. I paired my Nordic treats with a chocolate porter from my bodega and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style. I holed up in my apartment with salmon, potatoes, stout, and Father Ted while the drunkards roamed loudly through the streets below. I consider it practice for any zombie apocalypse that should happen to come my way.

The chorus of carousing that rolled down the street outside my window kept me awake far later than I would have liked, but fortunately the next day was Sunday! When I really ought to have been doing laundry, but instead I continued to vegetate. I did buy some toilet paper and mascara though so I marked it off as a moderately productive morning and headed up to Ailey to dance. We had a sub again but this one spoke my language. The warm up was lovely, but the choreo? The choreo was heaven! I was feeling it so hard. I probably looked a total mess but damn did it ever feel good. It also helped that this sub was Fabulous(tm) and kept encouraging us to power through the conditioning because “summer is coming!” He was an utter delight.

After class, I picked up a small pile of macarons and munched away before heading up to Harlem for risotto and critique. It was westie critique Skype with Mandy, and Patrick had volunteered to make us dinner. He whipped up the most beautiful mushroom and pea risotto which we ate while skyping with the marvellous Mandy and giving and getting feedback on our dancing. It was a very pleasant evening indeed, but it also meant that I stayed entirely too late and got entirely too little sleep. As a bonus I’m going to repeat the process tonight.

Yes, I’m staying up late again but this time it’s to Skype with my sister and write you all this blog after a most excellent yoga class. My hips have given up on life with a chorus of wails, but my calves have shut up about all of their post-contemporary problems. And now on that note, I should probably turn in and hope that my back decides to let me sleep tonight.

Bon Nuit,
The Salsa Girl


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