The Return of the Salsa Girl

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Somehow reporting back to you all while crashing at my mother’s working retail didn’t feel very glamorous so I took a break. A year long break. I learned a lot about frustration and rejection and then like a bolt from the blue, opportunity swept back into my life:

I’m going to New York. Yes, that New York, the one with some of the best salsa in the world, the one that never sleeps, the one with bagels and pretzels and knish famous the world over, yes, that New York.

Hudson River Cruise

Throwback to the last time I was in NYC!

By a combination of good connections and good timing, I’ve managed to land a job as a Research Manager/Outreach Coordinator in Brooklyn and in a matter of days I’ll be on the tarmac at JFK (hopefully) ready for a whole new adventure.

I’ve every intention of keeping you all up to date on my adventures from finding a flat to finding my place in the local dance scenes and beyond, but I won’t be so bold as to make any promises with regards to a posting schedule. So watch this space and be patient with me as I dive into a real adult job in the real adult world in the greatest city on earth!

With much love and excitement,

The Salsa Girl


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