The Final Dispatch…

…from Dublin

It’s my final Sunday in Dublin and so too it is my final Dispatch from Dublin. I think it’s 94? 95? Either way, it is the last, scribbled from a seat in the airport Butler’s eating a last complimentary chocolate and cursing my airport paranoia. Now any of you who have travelled with me, are entirely familiar with this phenomenon, but for any of you that haven’t, allow me to explain. I am absolutely congenitally incapable of ‘cutting it fine’ for a flight. I will be at the airport two hours before my flight and to ensure that I will probably leave an hour earlier “just in case”. (I know, I know, I’m an absolutely spontaneous delight, shush) Since of course today is a lazy Sunday morning, however, I am now through security with over 2 hours left before my flight and even I feel a tiny bit silly.

But enough of my madness, let me roll back to an update of all that has been before I provide you all a small preview of what is to come.

After getting back from Riga at a ridiculous hour on Monday, I spent Tuesday wallowing in laziness and self-indulgence–unemployment is a gift–and preparing to say all my goodbyes to the folks that have filled my Dublin life. And that’s how I ended up spending Wednesday night at The Goat (there’s a first time for everything…even visiting the pub that should have been your local for the past two years), Thursday night stuffing my face and chatting the evening away with Cai, Friday dancing to dawn, and Saturday out eating and drinking with the MLIS crowd once more.

My days were rather less exciting. Filled with wrangling technicalities, making accommodation bookings, and trying to pack my entire life away into two suitcases (now on their way home without me) and one rather modestly sized backpack. Someday I will commit to being a real nomad, but until that day I will curse every time I have to try to stuff all my (mostly unnecessary) possessions into portable containments.

So there was drinking, there was dancing including an excellent night at the Irish Salsa Congress which ended with conversation until the silly hours, which is not helping my sleep debt in the slightest, and there were a lot of farewells filled with no little bit of carefully controlled emotion. I won’t miss the rain or the cold, I won’t miss the stress of trying to sort visas or the frustration of finding European employment, but I will miss all the wonderful people that I have been lucky enough to meet here. From my first friends in the master’s program, to my mentors, my dancers, and even the mad lads at work, I’ve been very fortunate in the people that surround me, so thanks all of you for being there and for sharing these (nearly) two years with me–it’s been a slice.

And now with the emotions safely out of the way (I promise I’m not getting misty-eyed in the airport, really!) I’m set to leave all previous obligations and experiences behind and head to Scandinavia. I’m trying my hand at Couchsurfing and thus far have arranged to meet with a handful of absolutely excellent sounding people. I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous, but I’m sure that will pass, especially if I continue to encounter the friendly warmth that has been shown me in the online arrangements. So by this evening I will be in Copenhagen, then on the 24th I will be shipping out for Aalborg for one night, from whence I’ll skitter up to Skagen, before hitting Hirtshals on the 27th to catch my much anticipated ferry to Bergen on the 28th. I expect majestic fjords, midnight sun, and hopefully, if I’m very very lucky, a bit of sealife too! And sometime around there it will also be another Sunday and you all can expect to hear from me, and maybe even see some pictures.


The Canadian

P.S. yeah I know the sign-off doesn’t match the blog, it’s a hold-over from the original dispatches. Deal with it.


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