New life for an abandoned blog

This blog was meant to be filled with dance reviews, opinion pieces, etc. but life is busy and I’m a bit lazy so I’m now repurposing this somewhat defunct blog to serve as the new home of my weekly travel/lifestyle blogs formerly found on Facebook under the heading “Dispatches from Dublin”.

I will be spending the next four months travelling around Europe exploring, dancing, and filling my head with culture and history and all that good stuff. Just as with the Dispatches that have kept you all informed for the past two years, I’ll be posting weekly with updates on where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and whether or not I’ve managed to keep myself mostly out of trouble.

Now for those of you that are a little closer (read: not my Asian & Canadian readers), I’m posting my rough schedule below in case you happen to have a chance to grab a dance, a coffee, or a drink while I’m drifting around. Don’t be shy!

****All dates after Poland subject to change as whimsically (and as often) as the Irish weather***

June 21-28 Denmark

June 29-July 6 Norway

July 6-14 Sweden

July 14-21 Finland

July 21-25 Estonia

July 25-27 Latvia

July 27-August 3 Lithuania

August 3-August 18 Poland

August 18-24 Czech Republic

August 24-28 Germany

August 28-September 15 Austria

September 15-19 Slovakia

September 19-26 Hungary

September 26-October 3 Slovenia

October 3-18 Croatia


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