The Blog Begins

The first time you find yourself snuggled under a duvet watching movies and practicing your toe point on a Friday night… It’s definitely a moment; whether or not to cherish it is less certain. That’s how I found myself this Friday. In my defence, the weather was abominably Irish and I didn’t exactly feel like swimming to the pub or into town, but nonetheless I found myself folded into a pretzel staring at my toes, willing my feet into flexibility. I’m pretty sure that only dancers do this, which brings me to the crux of tis post: why The Salsa Girl?

I used to be the kind of girl who refused to dance, even at weddings. I would not even so much as sway, I emphatically did NOT dance and had no intention of that ever changing. And then there was a barn dance. I was dragged along forcibly and I had a miserable time, but I’m stubborn and incapable of letting anything defeat me, so soon I was at every barn dance stubbornly dancing as many songs as possible, even if I had to lead.

Within a year, I was bidding my small town goodbye for university, culture, and a new lease on life. Which lead me to ballroom classes and university’s the ballroom dance club. In no time, the stubborn girl proving she was worth barn dancing with, was utterly obsessed with all things ballroom. It spilled out into a bit of tango, a touch of West Coast swing, and a smattering of latin dances and then I went to China.

The ballroom scene was either rough elderly leads in the park or highly competitive partnerships that didn’t dance socially and the west coast swing scene was minimal at best, but there was salsa, and the salsa people were friendly. A year later I was back in Canada and salsa mad.

I had the good fortune to train and perform with Christina Morrison’s Salsa Caliente where I learned absolutely as much as possible about dance and performance for two very intense, exciting seasons. We toured in the Pacific Northwest, Puerto Rico, and New York learning from salsa greats like Eddie Torres, Stacey Lopez, Jhesus Aponte, Tomas Guerrero, Nelson Flores, and so many more.

And then life got in the way again and I decided to move to Ireland for post-graduate studies. I left Salsa Caliente in New York and soared off across the Atlantic to start my salsa adventures in Europe.

At the moment, Dublin is home but congresses beckon so sweetly that absolutely anytime that I have days off and a bit of cash, a congress is inevitable. I don’t know what I would do without Latin dance. It’s therapy and an addiction all rolled into one, and it’s a bundle of knowledge, opinions, and emotions that I’ve decided to share.

I’ve been incredibly lucky in the dance opportunities that have come my way and have gathered probably more than enough information and opinions along the way. So I’m here to talk to you all about the congresses I attend, the tricks I’ve learned, and the things I’m pondering. I cannot promise there won’t be rants; there will be rants, but I’m aiming for thought provoking, not petulant.

So I’ve started a blog and if all goes to plan The Salsa Girl will provide weekly entertainment in the form of reviews, advice, and opinions.

Bear with me,
The Salsa Girl


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